Voting Advice


Hey Oklahoma – here’s some advice for this year’s state and municipal elections – vote conservative.

No wait, that’s not the modifier I was searching for.  I meant – vote conservatively.  Don’t waste your vote. I don’t care if there is an R, a D, an I, or a flying spaghetti monster as their affiliation – don’t waste your vote.

Don’t focus on the candidate who espouses their stance on abortion.

Don’t focus on the candidate who lectures about immigration.

Don’t focus on the candidate who has a position on marriage equality.

Don’t focus on the candidate who even mentions repealing Obamacare.

Don’t focus on those people.  They are red herring in the world of political candidates.  These issues have already been decided on by the U.S. Supreme Court.  Focusing on these issues at this time in Oklahoma’s current climate, in my opinion, is a waste of your vote.  It diverts attention from the issues that are strangling Oklahoma.  There will be time to look at these issues again, but now is not that time.

People who focus on those issues have 2 avenues which will guide their politics.  They will either become subjugated to out of state interests and think-tanks such as ALEC or the Heartland Institute, or they are setting themselves up to catapult into the national political arena.

Make your vote count by voting for the people who make Oklahoma their priority.  These priorities should include:

  1. Fixing the Budget/Economy
  2. Education
  3. Corrections
  4. Health Care
  5. Diversifying Oklahoma’s Industry
  6. Protecting our environment – Drinking water will be a big issue soon.

If your legislator proposes model ALEC legislation, it is worth serious consideration to withdraw your support from that person.  We want Oklahoma laws written by Oklahomans for Oklahomans.  Anything else would be common to the core.

*A list is being compiled at this very moment of pro-education candidates.  I highly suggest you support them.  They know that to fix education, many of these other issues will need to be fixed as well.



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